Ohio Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization Planning Guidance Manual

State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Pollution Prevention
(614) 644-3469, FAX (614) 728-1245


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Benefits and Obstacles of Pollution Prevention

Chapter 3. Definition of Terms

Chapter 4. Overview of Federal Law, Regulation and Policy

Chapter 5. Overview of State of Ohio Law, Regulation and Policy

Chapter 6. Overview of Developing a Pollution Prevention Program

Chapter 7. Establish the Pollution Prevention Program

Chapter 8. Organize the Pollution Prevention Program

Chapter 9. Do a Preliminary Assessment

Chapter 10. Write the Pollution Prevention Program Plan

Chapter 11. Do a Detailed Assessment

Chapter 12. Define Pollution Prevention Options

Chapter 13. Cost Considerations

Chapter 14. Do Feasibility Analysis

Chapter 15. Write the Assessment Report

Chapter 16. Implement the Pollution Prevention Plan

Chapter 17. Measure Progress: Program and Project Evaluation

Chapter 18. Maintain the Pollution Prevention Program

Chapter 19. Other Waste Management Options


Appendix A References

Appendix B Sources of Pollution Prevention Information

Appendix C Ohio Hazardous Waste Facility Installation and Operation Permit Waste Minimization Report Condition

Appendix D Class I Injection Well Facility Ohio Revised Code Requirements for Waste Minimization and Treatment Plans

Appendix E Examples of Pollution Prevention Activities

Appendix F Pollution Prevention Information Available from Ohio EPA

Appendix G Ohio EPA Information Sources

Appendix H Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Requests


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