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baw, 11/12/02
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Salt Creek (downstream Pine Creek to mouth) Raccoon Creek (Hewett Fork to Elk Fork); Hewett Fo Hocking River (downstream Margaret Creek to mouth) Middle Fork Salt Creek; Pigeon Creek Shade River; West Branch Shade River Rocky Fork Paint Creek Little Raccoon Creek East Branch Shade River Scioto River (downstream Salt Creek to Pee Pee Cre Leading Creek Little Salt Creek - excluding Middle Fork Ohio Brush Creek (headwaters to Baker Fork); Baker Sunfish Creek Ohio River tributaries (downstream Hocking River t Raccoon Creek (downstream Elk Fork to upstream Lit Scioto River (downstream Pee Pee Creek to Beaver C West Fork Ohio Brush Creek Little Scioto River (headwaters to upstream Rocky Ohio River tributaries (downstream Shade River to Scioto Brush Creek (headwaters to mouth - excludin Ohio Brush Creek (downstream Baker Fork to mouth - Ohio River tributaries (downstream Leading Creek t Scioto River (downstream Sunfish Creek to mouth - Symmes Creek (headwaters to Black Fork); Black For Little Scioto River (downstream Rocky Fork to mout Raccoon Creek (downstream Little Raccoon Creek to South Fork Scioto Brush Creek Ohio River tributaries (downstream Campaign Creek Pine Creek Symmes Creek (downstream Black Fork to Buffalo Cre Ohio River tributaries (Turkey Creek to upstream O Little Scioto River (downstream Rocky Fork to mout Ohio River tributaries (downstream Ohio Brush Cree Symmes Creek (downstream Buffalo Creek to mouth); Ohio River tributaries (downstream Solida Creek to Ohio River tributaries (downstream Raccoon Creek t