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baw, 11/12/02
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Muddy Creek; Lake Erie tributaries (Muddy Creek to Maumee River (downstream Tiffin R. to upstream Nor Rocky River; East Branch Rocky River; Lake Erie tr Beaver Creek; Maumee River (downstream Bad Creek t Lake Erie tributaries (East of Green Creek to west Cuyahoga River (downstream Brandywine Creek to Tin Cuyahoga River (downstream Brandywine Creek to Tin Sandusky River (downstream Wolf Creek to mouth); M Sandusky River (downstream Wolf Creek to mouth); M Green Creek N. Br. Portage R.; M. Br. (dst. S. Br. to mouth); Vermilion River (Indian Creek to mouth) Lake Erie tributaries (East of Huron River to West South Turkeyfoot Creek Huron River, East Branch Huron River, Lake Erie tr West Branch Rocky River Eagle Creek Eagle Creek Eagle Creek West Branch Black River East Branch Black River (downstream Coon Creek to Middle Branch Portage River (Bull Creek to South B Cuyahoga River (downstream Little Cuyahoga River t Cuyahoga River (Mantua to Breakneck Creek); Breakn Mahoning River (downstream Eagle Creek to upstream West Branch Huron River (Slate Run to mouth) Middle Branch Portage River (headwaters to upstrea Auglaize River (Flatrock Creek to mouth); Flatrock Sandusky River (downstream Honey Creek to upstream Wolf Creek Mahoning River (downstream Berlin Dam to upstream Powell Creek Mahoning River (downstream Mosquito Cr. to upstrea Vermilion River (headwaters to upstream Indian Cre West Branch Huron River (headwaters to upstream Sl Cuyahoga River (downstream Breakneck Creek to Litt Auglaize R. (downstream Little Auglaize R. to upst Blanchard River (downstream Riley Creek mouth); ex East Branch Black River (headwaters to Coon Creek) Tuscarawas River (headwaters to Wolf Creek); Wolf Chippewa Creek Auglaize River (Jennings Creek to upstream Little Little Auglaize River (Dog Creek to upstream Prair Honey Creek Blanchard River (Eagle Creek to upstream Ottawa Cr Killbuck Creek (headwaters to upstream Apple Creek Sandusky River (downstream Tymochtee Creek to upst Blanchard River (downstream Potato Run to upstream Mahoning River (downstream Beech Creek to Berlin D Blanchard River (Ottawa Creek to upstream Riley Cr Prairie Creek Little Auglaize River (headwaters to upstream Dog Tymochtee Creek (downstream Warpole Creek to mouth Jerome Fork Muddy Fork Mohican River Riley Creek Tuscarawas River (downstream Wolf Creek to Sippo C Ottawa River (Sugar Creek to mouth); Sugar Creek Black Fork Mohican River (headwaters to Whetstone Middle Fork Little Beaver Creek Nimishillen Creek Mahoning River (headwaters to Beech Creek) Ottawa River (downstream Little Ottawa River to up Sandusky River (downstream Broken Sword Creek to u Broken Sword Creek Blanchard River (headwaters to Potato Run) Sugar Creek (headwaters to North Fork); North Fork Killbuck Creek (Apple Creek to Salt Creek); Apple Auglaize River (downstream Pusheta Creek to upstre Black Fork Mohican River (downstream Whetstone Cre West Fork Little Beaver Creek Sandusky River (headwaters to upstream Broken Swor Sandy Creek (headwaters to Still Fork); Still Fork Sandy Creek (downstream Still Fork to mouth - excl Ottawa River (headwaters to Little Ottawa River); Little Scioto River Tuscarawas River (downstream Sippo Creek to upstre Tymochtee Creek (headwaters to Warpole Creek) Olentangy River (headwaters to Bee Run) Clear Fork Mohican River (headwaters to Cedar Fork Mohican River; Black Fork Mohican River (downstrea Sugar Creek (downstream North Fork to mouth); Midd Lake Fork Mohican River Scioto River (headwaters to Taylor Creek); Taylor Auglaize River (headwaters to Pusheta Creek); Push Clear Fork Mohican River (downstream Cedar Fork to St. Mary's River (downstream Sixmile Creek to Twel Olentangy River (downstream Bee Run to Delaware Ru Yellow Creek (Town Fork to mouth); North Fork Yell Whetstone Creek Scioto River (downstream Taylor Creek to upstream South Fork Sugar Creek Killbuck Creek (downstream Salt Creek to Black Cre Conotton Creek (downstream McGuire Creek to mouth) Muchinippi Creek St. Mary's River (headwaters to Sixmile Creek); Si Yellow Creek (headwaters to upstream Town Fork) North Branch Kokosing River Great Miami River (headwaters to Indian Lake Dam) Killbuck Creek (downstream Black Creek to mouth); Kokosing River (headwaters to upstream North Branc Kokosing River (Jelloway Creek to mouth); Jelloway Rush Creek Beaver Creek (headwaters to Lake St. Marys Dam) Conotton Creek (headwaters to McGuire Creek); McGu Kokosing River (downstream North Branch to upstrea Alum Creek (headwaters to Alum Creek Dam) Big Walnut Creek (headwaters to Hoover Dam) Tuscarawas River (downstream Sugar Cr. to upstream Scioto River (downstream Little Scioto R. to upstr Great Miami River (downstream Indian Lake Dam to B Loramie Creek (headwaters to Mile Creek); Mile Cre Walhonding River; excluding Killbuck Creek and Wal Bokes Creek; Scioto River (downstream Bokes Creek Little Stillwater Creek Mill Creek Cross Creek Tuscarawas River (Evans Creek to mouth); excluding Tuscarawas River (downstream Stillwater Cr. to ups Stillwater Creek (downstream Brushy Fork to mouth Great Miami River (downstream Bokengehalas Creek t Mad River (headwaters to Kings Creek); Kings Creek Loramie Creek (downstream Mile Creek to mouth) North Fork Licking River (headwaters to Sycamore C Wakatomika Creek (headwaters to Brushy Fork) Big Darby Creek (headwaters to Sugar Creek); Sugar Ohio River tributaries (downstream Cross Creek to Stillwater Creek (Skull Fork to Brushy Fork); Skul Great Miami River (Tawawa Creek to upstream Spring Stillwater River (Swamp Creek to upstream Greenvil Olentangy River (downstream Delaware Run to mouth) Muskingum River tributaries (downstream Tuscarawas Licking River (South Fork/North Fork to Rocky Fork Wakatomika Creek (downstream Brushy Fork to mouth) North Fork Licking River (downstream Sycamore Cree Scioto River (downstream Mill Creek to upstream Ol Wills Creek (downstream Birds Run to mouth); exclu Wills Creek (downstream Leatherwood Cr. to Birds R Mad River (downstream Kings Creek to Chapman Creek Salt Fork Stillwater Creek (headwaters to upstream Skull For Raccoon Creek Great Miami River (Spring Creek to upstream Honey Ohio River tributaries (downstream Short Creek to Alum Creek (downstream Alum Creek Dam to mouth); B Little Darby Creek Greenville Creek (downstream West Branch to mouth) Big Walnut Creek (downstream Hoover Dam to upstrea Stillwater River (downstream Greenville Creek to u Buck Creek Licking River (downstream Rocky Fork to mouth); ex Great Miami River (Honey Creek to upstream Mad Riv Big Darby Creek (downstream Sugar Creek to upstrea South Fork Licking River Salt Creek Ohio River tributaries (downstream Wheeling Creek Mad River (downstream Chapman Creek to upstream Mu Big Darby Creek (downstream Little Darby Creek to Leatherwood Creek Stillwater River (Ludlow Creek to mouth); Ludlow C Ohio River tributaries (downstream Captina Creek t Deer Creek (headwaters to upstream Sugar Run) Buffalo Fork; Buffalo Creek; Wills Creek (headwate Twin Creek (headwaters to upstream Bantas Fork) Twin Creek (headwaters to upstream Bantas Fork) Walnut Creek (headwaters to Sycamore Creek); Sycam Moxahala Creek (Jonathan Creek to mouth); Jonathan Scioto River (downstream Olentangy River to upstre Seneca Fork Walnut Creek (downstream Sycamore Creek to mouth) Muskingum River (downstream Moxahala Cr. to upstre Mad River (Mud Creek to mouth); excluding Mad R. m Little Miami River (headwaters to upstream Massies Moxahala Creek (headwaters to upstream Jonathan Cr Great Miami River (downstream Mad River to upstrea Twin Creek (Bantas Fork to mouth); Bantas Fork; Li Twin Creek (Bantas Fork to mouth); Bantas Fork; Li Twin Creek (Bantas Fork to mouth); Bantas Fork; Li Twin Creek (Bantas Fork to mouth); Bantas Fork; Li Twin Creek (Bantas Fork to mouth); Bantas Fork; Li Paint Creek (headwaters to upstream Sugar Creek) Duck Creek; West Fork Duck Creek; Ohio River tribu Rush Creek (Little Rush Creek to mouth); Little Ru Ohio River tributaries (downstream Blair Run (oppo Deer Creek (Sugar Run to upstream Dry Run); Sugar Meigs Creek; Muskingum R. (downstream Meigs Cr. to East Fork Duck Creek Great Miami River (Bear Creek to upstream Twin Cre Rush Creek (headwaters to upstream Little Rush Cre Little Miami River (Massies Creek to Beaver Creek) Sugar Creek Hocking River (headwaters to Enterprise - excludin Little Muskingum River (Clear Fork to mouth) Little Muskingum River (headwaters to upstream Cle Rattlesnake Creek (headwaters to upstream Lees Cre Olive Green Creek; Muskingum River tributaries (do Ohio River tributaries (downstream Sunfish Creek t North Fork Paint Creek (headwaters to Compton Cree Deer Creek (Dry Run to mouth) Clear Creek Caesar Creek (headwaters to mouth - excluding Ande West Branch Wolf Creek; Wolf Creek; Muskingum Rive Little Miami River (downstream Beaver Creek to ups Monday Creek Sunday Creek Scioto River (downstream Big Darby Cr. to upstream Salt Creek (headwaters to Pine Creek); Pine Creek Muskingum River (Big Run to mouth); excluding Musk Anderson Fork Hocking River (Enterprise to upstream Monday Creek Great Miami River (downstream Twin Creek to upstre Federal Creek Paint Creek (downstream Sugar Creek to upstream Ro Scioto River (Kinnikinnick Creek to upstream Paint North Fork Paint Creek (downstream Compton Creek t South Branch Wolf Creek Todd Fork (headwaters to upstream East Fork Todd F Little Miami River (downstream Caesar Creek to Tur Rattlesnake Creek (Lees Creek to mouth); Lees Cree Raccoon Creek (headwaters to upstream Hewett Fork) Salt Creek (downstream Pine Creek to mouth) Raccoon Creek (Hewett Fork to Elk Fork); Hewett Fo Scioto River (downstream Paint Creek to upstream S Ohio River tributaries (downstream Muskingum R. to Paint Creek (downstream Rocky Fork to upstream Bla Hocking River (downstream Monday Creek to Margaret Todd Fork (downstream East Fork Todd Fork to mouth Ohio River tributaries (downstream Sunfish Creek t Mill Creek Mill Creek Ohio River tributaries (downstream Sunfish Creek t Little Miami River (downstream Turtle Cr. to O'Ban Hocking River (downstream Margaret Creek to mouth) East Fork Little Miami River (headwaters to upstre Paint Creek (Black Creek to mouth - excluding Nort Middle Fork Salt Creek; Pigeon Creek Little Miami River (downstream O'Bannon Creek to m Shade River; West Branch Shade River Rocky Fork Paint Creek East Fork Little Miami River (Stonelick Creek to m Little Raccoon Creek East Branch Shade River East Fork Little Miami River (Solomon Run to upper Scioto River (downstream Salt Creek to Pee Pee Cre Leading Creek Little Salt Creek - excluding Middle Fork Ohio Brush Creek (headwaters to Baker Fork); Baker Sunfish Creek Ohio River tributaries (downstream Hocking River t East Fork Whiteoak Creek; North Fork Whiteoak Cree East Fork Whiteoak Creek; North Fork Whiteoak Cree Raccoon Creek (downstream Elk Fork to upstream Lit