319 Nonpoint Program
Management Practice (MP) Status Checks
June 2004


Five projects are selected annually in each of the five regions of Ohio and past 319 funded management practices are inspected to determine if they are being operated and maintained as designed. Evaluation results are recorded (PDF 71kb) and submitted to Ohio EPA. A summary of the results is included in the annual NPS Program Report to USEPA.

Purpose, Expectations, and Process


The Management Practice (MP) status checks are completed to demonstrate to USEPA and other stakeholders that Ohio EPA evaluates the viability of funded MPs. Future funding decisions may be based on the findings of these MP status checks assuming conclusions can be drawn regarding characteristics of various practices. MP characteristics to be evaluated include:

  • physical status
  • maintenance history
  • design life


  • A random review of five (5) 319 projects (1 per area) is conducted annually. Ohio EPA 319 Program Area Staff randomly selects a 319 project completed 7 to 10 years prior.
  • Ohio EPA 319 Program Area Staff chooses a representative selection of the project's MP components for the field survey. The survey is not limited to a single category of practices such as "agricultural."
  • Ohio EPA 319 Program Area Staff randomly choose specific sites for field surveys completed in association with the selected project.
  • Ohio EPA 319 Program Area Staff coordinate with ODNR Resource Management Specialists (RMS) to schedule field surveys.
  • Utilize MP checklist (PDF 71kb) as appropriate to consistently evaluate and record observations.
  • Forms are compiled and forwarded to the Ohio EPA 319 Section Manager for review and analysis. A summary is annually compiled and forwarded to USEPA.

    Note: To date, MP installation and maintenance has been found to be acceptable, as no major or consistent problems have been discovered. However, in the event of unacceptable results, the Ohio EPA 319 Section Manager would make a decision on action steps needed and assign them accordingly.