WAP-4D1 (2/22/05 version)
"As Is" NPS Planning Evaluation: Functional Reviews

All recipients of Ohio Watershed Coordinator Grants or 319 Watershed Planning Grants receive an annual functional review (PDF 22kb) to:

  • Clarify purpose/goal of coordinator grant to grant sponsor, with an emphasis on administration and fiscal responsibility;
  • Reconcile project undertakings with watershed plan production and other grant deliverables;
  • Identify barriers/challenges to attaining intermediate (process and structure) and long-term (water quality) goals;
  • Develop a shared responsibility for success of the grant program between members of the Area Assistance Teams, Ohio EPA/DNR funders, and the watershed project participants;
  • Allow the State to express appreciation to local projects for their water quality work to date, and identify ways that the state can provide additional assistance.

To date, an ad hoc group, including representatives of Ohio EPA, ODNR, and OSU Extension, and at least one watershed coordinator, has developed functional review interview questions (PDF 17kb). Functional reviews are then conducted as a structured interview between the Area Assistance Team, the watershed coordinator, and invited stakeholders.

OSU Extension Watershed Agents compile a functional review report with comments and action items (for both local watershed group and AAT) to improve operations and assist in completion of a state endorsed watershed action plan.

As watershed action planning targets are developed and/or refined, the functional review process will be refined accordingly, based on input from the Watershed Program Targets Group. For example, as more plans are endorsed, it is anticipated that the annual functional review will focus less on planning and more on NPS implementation over time. In addition, annual functional reviews will be conducted for watershed groups with state endorsed plans that developed plans with funding from outside sources.