WAP-4B (7/16/04 version)
Watershed Action Planning And Implementation: "As Is" Situation, Watershed Organization Survey Results

During the development of the NPS Management Plan 2005-2010, the sub-group tasked with developing watershed action planning and implementation targets discussed surveying existing watershed groups to learn more about base-line conditions. Ultimately, it was decided that a survey was pre-mature because:

  • Two recent surveys had occurred with documented results (see below);
  • A survey method may not be the most effective way to obtain needed base-line information; literature searches, more comprehensive analysis of existing watershed action planning and implementation documents - pre-endorsement summary (PDF 77kb) and endorsement summary (PDF 115kb), focus group discussions, etc. may be more productive to collect the desired information;
  • Since, there is a need to solicit input on program development, technical assistance for watershed coordinators, AND baseline characteristics of local watershed groups, more thought by a more broadly representative group should be put into a project of this magnitude. It is anticipated that the future Watershed Program Targets Group will address these and a number of other issues that need further development.

1999 Cost of Organizing and Sustaining a Watershed Group, Survey Results (PDF 61kb)

2000 Survey Results (PDF 67kb)