WAP-4D2 (2/22/05 version)
"As Is" NPS Planning Evaluation: Watershed Action Plan Review

The formal state review of a watershed action plan (WAP), regardless of funding source for plan development, begins when a plan is submitted to Ohio EPA or ODNR, with a request for state endorsement. The plan is then distributed for review and comment to the Area Assistance Team (AAT) and divisions throughout ODNR and Ohio EPA.

All reviewers are encouraged to provide general comments based on their own expertise to assist the local watershed group. However, comments specific to state endorsement are based on the extent to which the WAP adheres to the Appendix 8 Update to the Guide to Developing Local Watershed Actions Plans in Ohio,". Appendix 8 checklists (PDF 82kb) completed by the reviewers are the basis for the WAP review letter.

State endorsement or conditional endorsement of the WAP (PDF 72kb) occurs when the local watershed group has adequately responded to the contents of the WAP review letter.