WAP-6 (6/23/05 version)
Future Actions, Watershed Action Planning (WAP) And Implementation: Watershed Program Targets Group


During development of the NPS Plan 2005-2010, a sub-group was tasked with developing targets for watershed action planning and implementation. The need for follow-up to insure target implementation led to the recommendation that a Watershed Program Targets Group be established. The targets are based on three core components to effectiveness: science-based, community-led and sustainable.

The guiding principle for establishing NPS Management Plan targets in general, is that there must be enough base-line information available to provide a rationale for the target. If not, the task of researching or developing baseline data, analyzing baseline data, developing indicators, a measurement process, and ultimately recommending statewide targets were identified as "to do" items in the NPS Plan.

The sub-group recommended a number of targets referencing base-line conditions. In certain cases, this was not possible due either:

  • to a lack of readily available existing information; and/or
  • insufficient time or resources to adequately analyze the existing data.

In addition, numerous potential program refinements or program development tasks were identified as necessary to support the watershed planning and implementation targets in the NPS Plan. This need for follow-up led to the recommendation that a Watershed Program Targets Group be established.

Group Roles and Responsibilities

Continue Ohio NPS watershed program refinement, development, and analysis to:

  • facilitate and track progress in achieving watershed action planning and implementation targets, as outlined in the NPS Management Plan;
  • establish baseline data, analyze baseline data, develop indicators, a measurement process, and recommend meaningful statewide targets;
  • advise ODNR and Ohio EPA on the delivery of the Watershed Coordinator and Drinking Water Source Protection Planning Programs.


To date an ad hoc group has met periodically to develop and refine state guidance (i.e., Appendix 8 Update), the functional review and watershed plan endorsement process and forms, and to support training, education and information provided through the Ohio Watershed Academy and Network. The group most recently consisted of the following:

  • ODNR Division of Soil and Water Conservation: Section Administrator, Watershed Program Coordinator (Chair), Program Specialist, Resource Management Specialist
  • Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water: 319 Program Manager, central office representative, area staff representative
  • OSU Extension: Watershed Program Manager, Watershed Agent
  • Ohio Environmental Council: Deputy Director
  • Watershed Group: Watershed Coordinator

It is recommended that membership from the previous ad hoc group be expanded to include, at a minimum, representatives from:

  • Ohio EPA Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance: Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program (WRRSP);
  • ODNR Division of Mineral Resources Management: Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Program (AMDAT);
  • USDA-NRCS: Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP);
  • Non-governmental conservation organization;
  • All state and federal programs contributing funds to the Watershed Coordinator Program;