WAP-3D (6/23/04 version)
Effective Watershed Action Planning (WAP) And Implementation: Community-Led Components And Key Outcomes

Community-led: Local Decision-makers Prioritize Environmental Issues for Action

Stakeholders in a watershed community share leadership, collaborate and determine how, when and where to move forward with programs, projects, or issues based on science and local values.

Application of the community-led component should result in the following key outcomes. The State of Ohio currently evaluates watershed action plans and implementation proposals and will develop future targets accordingly.

Key outcomes:

  • diverse and effective stakeholder involvement, that fosters long-term support for widely endorsed policy choices, reflecting science and stakeholder values;
  • organized to solve problems that exceed the capabilities of one entity and that established institutions and organizations cannot solve;
  • define the options that are most likely to work in their community;
  • better able to implement water resource management and monitor effectiveness.