WAP-4D (6/23/05 version)
Watershed Action Planning And Implementation: "As Is" NPS Planning Evaluation

The state endorsed comprehensive watershed action plan is relatively new in the State of Ohio. The first round of 18 state sponsored watershed coordinator grants was awarded in 2000 and draft plan submissions from these efforts began in December 2002. As of February 2005, nine have been fully or conditionally endorsed, five are in the watershed action plan review process, and four plans remain to be submitted.

Because the program is new, to date the same tools have been used to evaluate each of the three core components of state sponsored watershed action planning and implementation: science-based, community-led, and sustainable.

During the planning phase, all state funded projects receive the following as a condition of grant payment:

  • an annual functional review;
  • a multi-agency watershed action plan review; and
  • a review of semi-annual technical reports (specifies actions and milestones necessary to complete the watershed action plan within 2 years of receiving the coordinator grant).

A preliminary analysis of the evaluation results to date - pre-endorsement summary (PDF 77kb) and endorsement summary (PDF 115kb) - will be used to develop future watershed action planning targets and the associated evaluation tools.