WAP-5G (6/23/05 version)
Watershed Action Planning And Implementation: Targets, Sustainable NPS Implementation

State of Ohio NPS Vision, Watershed Action Planning and Implementation

Targets, Sustainable NPS Implementation

Goal: All local watershed groups with state endorsed watershed action plans implement NPS practices until water quality targets are met.

Sustainable: Provide for the support or maintenance of; to continue the existence of, so that effective, long-term NPS coordination, implementation and evaluation of environmental results occurs.

2005-2010 Targets

Target 1: 80% of plans submitted for state endorsement detail implementation strategies, by when, and how such actions will be funded.

Baseline: Of the 21 watershed action plans submitted to date for state endorsement, 11 (52%) included the who, what, when and how for NPS implementation.

Target 2A: By 2007, develop social evaluation indicators for the 319 program that measure NPS-related behavioral changes in local stakeholders during NPS implementation.

Target 2B: By 2009, implement social indicator measurement process, report results, and recommend state-wide targets.

Baseline: In September 2003, USEPA, Region 5 issued 319 Program guidance (PDF 156kb), requiring each Region 5 state to provide an evaluation framework for implementing and managing the state 319 Program. Social indicators were emphasized in the USEPA guidance because creating a vested local interest in a watershed is a key to sustainable watershed management. Ohio provided USEPA with an evaluation framework (PDF 38kb) in November 2004.

Target 3: By 2010, 20% increase from baseline in number of local agencies/organizations committing to implement specific watershed actions.

Baseline: Some data is available from existing endorsed watershed action plans, semi-annual technical reports for implementation projects, and through the annual implementation project site visit process. However, there is no centralized system for recording and tracking this data for all projects.

Target 4: All local watershed groups with endorsed or conditionally endorsed plans by 2008, have successfully implemented at least one endorsed component of the watershed action plan.

Baseline: A number of the local watershed groups with state endorsed plans have implemented NPS controls in the past. However, only those implementation actions that were included in a 319 grant were tracked and reported.

Target 5: By 2010, increase the number of state and federal programs that officially recognize state endorsed plans for focusing technical and financial assistance.

Baseline: Currently six programs, the Ohio EPA 319 grant program, the Ohio EPA Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program (WRRSP), the Ohio Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF), the USDA Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), the ODNR, Recreational Harbor Dredging Grants Program, and the ODNR, Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund Program, recognize the state endorsed watershed action plan for focusing technical and financial assistance.