SI-3E1 (9/27/05 version)
As Is Stream Integrity Situation: Outstanding State Waters (OSW)

Portions of 36 Ohio streams are classified as Outstanding State Waters based on exceptional ecological values. Consequently, these streams and their tributaries are priority areas for action to restore and maintain water quality attainment status. Further details are available at the links listed below.

List of OSW (PDF 54kb)

Map of OSW (JPG 172kb)

Water Quality Status of OSW and tributaries

Summary of OSW Attainment Status

Many, but not all, of the streams classified as OSW are in full attainment. Areas of non-attainment are shaded in orange in the above-referenced spreadsheet. In contrast, many of the tributaries are in non-attainment status. In particular, 62% of the non-attaining areas are in the headwaters (hyperlink to SIcomponentshhei.html) of tributaries to OSW streams.

Portions of the OSW segments in the Sandusky, Vermillion, East Branch Chagrin, Kokosing, Rocky Fork of the Licking, Olentangy, Stillwater, and Little Miami Rivers and Conneaut, Middle and West Forks of Little Beaver, Little Beaver, Big and Little Darby, Deer, Salt, South Fork Scioto Brush, Scioto Brush, Greenville, and Twin Creeks are in partial attainment with aquatic life uses (shaded in yellow in the spreadsheet). Forty percent of the partial attainment occurs in headwaters of OSW or their tributaries. Forty-three percent of the partial attainment occurs in OSW or tributaries with drainage areas of 20.1 square miles or greater.

Preliminary attainment results from 2003 are available for the Chagrin and Grand Rivers and tributaries, Olentangy River tributaries, and O'Bannon Creek tributaries to the Little Miami River, Wakatomika Creek and tributaries, and Aurora Branch.