SI-3F (11/10/04 version)
Overview, "As Is" Stream Integrity Situation: Large Rivers

Assessing Large Rivers

Assessment Results

Recent data is available for all but 1 of the 23 large rivers in Ohio. The top three causes of large river water quality impairment are bacteria, habitat modification and sediments, in that order.

  • Map showing attainment status;
  • Summary Data;
  • NPS impairment causes (PDF 8kb) for individual large rivers.

Large River Priority Areas

  • TMDLs and local watershed action plans are completed or underway for portions of many of the large rivers in Ohio. Summary status information is available.
  • Scioto River. The Scioto River mainstem is in attainment due to significant investment in point source controls over the past 20 years.

    However, a number of the tributaries are not in attainment due to NPS causes, ranging from a low of zero attainment to a high of 88% attainment. Consequently, the Scioto CREP will invest $20.7 M in agricultural management practices and permanent conservation easements in this 6,300 square mile watershed. There are specific sediment, phosphorus and nitrogen reduction targets associated with Scioto CREP implementation.

  • The Maumee and Cuyahoga Rivers are priority Ohio watersheds for the Lake Erie LaMP Habitat Strategy;
  • The Great Miami River watershed is a priority area for exploring the viability of water quality credit trading.