SI-4E (2/18/05 version)
Watershed-Based Options To Address Stream Integrity Impairment: Case Studies, Stream Morphology As The Basis For Stream Restoration

As noted in the overview, the NPS Plan 2005-2010 focuses on watershed-based, sustainable stream channel management to achieve attainment of aquatic life uses water quality standards. Specifically, a nine step assessment, targeting, and design process is outlined to guide implementation. For the nine step process to successfully achieve water quality attainment an adaptive management approach is necessary. In a nutshell, adaptive management establishes a continuous feedback mechanism that emphasizes the importance of making adjustments to the restoration design based on information received during the monitoring and evaluation process.

Below are links to a few project case studies that have used the nine-step adaptive management approach before design, during construction and have made a commitment to continuing the approach post-construction.