MM-12 (7/8/05 version)
Future Actions: Management Practices Technical Advisory Group


During development of the NPS Plan 2005-2010, a sub-group was tasked with developing a management measures section. The need for follow-up, particularly to amend the management practices over time, led to the recommendation that a NPS Management Practices Advisory Group be established.

In addition, only a portion of the Management Measures and Practices guidance referenced in the NPS Management Plan has been reviewed in detail to select those practices, from a master list, that are relevant to key NPS causes of water quality impairment. For example, this was done for the NRCS practices that are outlined in the Field Office Technical Guide. And finally, the addition of extensive background and recommendations for stream integrity to this version of the NPS Plan, necessitate a targeted outreach and education strategy to achieve water quality attainment.

Group Roles and Responsibilities

Continue Ohio NPS management measures and practices refinement, development, and analysis, particularly to:

  • Review suggested changes and additions to the management practices/measures sections of the NPS Plan;
  • Compile existing data on the effectiveness (e.g. from sources such as Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP), USEPA or CWP analysis, etc.).of management practices/measures so that it can be better used to make policy decisions. In particular, Heidelberg College is conducting some research to support CEAP implementation in Ohio.
  • Identify areas where NPS research is needed (particularly regarding management practice effectiveness) and support research in these areas.
  • Identify high priority management practices/measures;
  • Develop and oversee an approach to extracting those management practices relevant to key causes of NPS impairment in Ohio from the master lists of practices cited in guidance manuals; and
  • Develop and oversee a targeted public education and outreach strategy on stream integrity assessment and implementation.

In addition, some program specific recommendations came from discussions to date and will be forwarded to the applicable program for future consideration and refinement.


It is recommended that membership for the Management Practices Technical Advisory Group include, at a minimum, representatives from:

  • Ohio EPA Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance:
  • Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water: NPS, Storm Water, and Environmental Assessment Sections;
  • ODNR Division of Mineral Resources Management: Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Program (AMDAT);
  • ODNR Division of Soil and Water Conservation: NPS Program Coordinator, Resource Management Specialist, Stream & Watersheds Program;
  • Ohio Sea Grant: Clean Marinas Program;
  • Watershed Group: Watershed Coordinator;
  • Local SWCD; and
  • Local Health Department.