MM-9E (2/24/05 version)
Effectiveness Of Management Practices And Measures

The management measures and practices section of the 2005-2010 NPS Management Plan does not rate the effectiveness of specific management practices. Management practices, or ideally, management practice systems should be selected based on environmental targets and priorities, the stream system and the guidelines presented in the Management Mechanism Selection Process.

Research on the effectiveness of management practices in ongoing. The Conservation Effects Assessment Program is a recent program that may help organizations better understand what agricultural land use practices funded by the Farm Bill are most effective, particularly in the Upper Big Walnut watershed. USEPA is also conducting a similar analysis of a variety of management practices.

Information on the effectiveness of a select set of agricultural management practices is available on-line from the Ohio State University.

Since the Management Practices and Measures section of the NPS Plan does not currently include information on the relative effectiveness of specific management practices, State agencies, programs, organizations and other entities use the information should consider refining it to better meet their needs. For example, groups may wish to develop guidance for their customers on how to select "best" management practices from the spreadsheet. Funding programs could consider requiring applicants to justify why specific management practices are selected or ask applicants to attempt to quantify environmental benefits of proposed management practices.