FUND-2 (6/22/05 version)

State of Ohio Target: Develop and implement a process that most effectively identifies and links NPS problems and needs, available NPS funding, and state environmental priorities and targets, so that by 2010:

The purpose of this component of the Ohio NPS Plan 2005-2010 is to:

  • Clarify and outline the process currently used by Ohio for assessing statewide NPS funding needs and available NPS funding;
  • Based on the above, provide an overview of the "as is" state for Ohio NPS implementation funding needs and resources;
  • Recommend NPS funding targets for 2005-2010.


For the first time, the Ohio NPS Management Plan provides an estimate and analysis of available NPS implementation funding, NPS funding needs, and implementation funding targets for 2005-2010. As a result of gathering and compiling this information, the following became evident:

  1. Documentation of Ohio NPS implementation needs and available funding should be improved.
  2. Available Ohio NPS implementation funding should be more effectively integrated with identified NPS needs. Due to the variety of specific funding program requirements, NPS implementation funding is not always prioritized to address NPS needs documented in the Clean Water Act Needs Survey (CWNS). For example, some programs fund NPS projects on a “first-come, first-served” basis, rather than strategically aligning funding to projects that address identified NPS problems and/or result in the greatest environmental benefit.
  3. A state-wide cost benefit analysis of state and federally provided NPS technical assistance needs to be conducted to assure maximum environmental outcomes and benefits.