FUND-3 (6/22/05 version)
Historical Documentation Of State-wide NPS Needs

The first attempt to document statewide Ohio NPS needs occurred with the preparation of the 1988 Ohio NPS Management Plan. At that time, NPS needs were qualitative, geographically based, and the amount of funding needed to successfully address the identified NPS problems was not estimated. Subsequent revisions to the 1988 Plan continued this approach.

The first attempt to quantify statewide Ohio NPS needs was during the 1996 Clean Water Needs Survey (CWNS). The CWNS, which is mandated by sections 205(a) and 516 of the Clean Water Act as a regular report to Congress, was compiled bi-annually until 1992, and has since been written every four years (1996, 2000, 2004).

The 2000 CWNS provides cost estimates for long-term solutions to water quality or public health problems known to exist as of January 1, 2000.

The primary sources of information for Ohio NPS needs documentated in the 2000 CWNS were:

  • Surveys of local health departments;
  • ODNR surveys of local Soil & Water Conservation districts;
  • Section 319 grant applications and other reports from the Ohio EPA, Division of Surface Water.

Each "need" in the CWNS describes a water quality or public health problem and the associated abatement costs eligible for funding under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF). To be included in the CWNS, funding needs must be associated with: 1) a description of the water quality and/or public health problem, 2) location of the problem(s), 3) solution(s) to the problem, 4) costs for implementing solutions, and 5) the basis for costs listed. See Chapter 2 of the 2000 CWNS (PDF 92kb) for a description of "Methods for Documenting Needs".

It is generally believed that NPS needs in Ohio have historically been under-represented in the CWNS, because available documentation is not sufficient or detailed enough to allow for inclusion in the survey.

This is particularly true with respect to possessing adequate documentation of the cost-basis for solutions, as identified in items 1-5 above.

USEPA lists potential sources of NPS needs documentation (PDF 73kb). However, a number of these sources were either unavailable or have been updated since the 2000 CWNS.

Following is an assessment of total documented Ohio NPS needs reported in the CWNS-2000 as of January 1, 2000. National figures are included for comparison.

Table 1
Total Documented Nonpoint Source Needs Reported in the CWNS 2000
(January 2000 dollars in millions)
Cost Category National Ohio
VII-A Agriculture (cropland)$500$170
VII-B Agriculture (animals)$700$26
VII-C Silviculture$40$1
VII-D Urban (includes HSTS improvements)$4,400$352
VII-E Ground water protection (unknown source)$900$4
VII-F Marinas$2$0
VII-G Resource extraction$40$22
VII-H Brownfields$400$0
VII-I Storage tanks$1,000$0
VII-J Sanitary landfills$1,800$0
VII-K Hydromodification$4,100$51