FUND-13 (7/1/05 version)
Abandoned Mine Land (AML) Programs For NPS Implementation

The federal Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Trust Fund is used to address abandoned mine drainage (AMD) causes of water quality impairment, in the southeastern Ohio coal-bearing region. The Trust Fund was established through the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 and provides approximately $7.5 million annually to Ohio.

Projects are implemented using a prioritization system, including the preparation of Acid Mine Abatement and Treatment (AMDAT) plans, with the assistance of the ODNR, Division of Mineral Resources Management and the USDOI, Office of Surface Mining. The State of Ohio Abandoned Mine Land Program is authorized and administered under sections 1513.18, 1513.29, 1513.30, 1513.37and1514.06 of the Ohio Revised Code.