ET-4C4 (2/8/05 version)
Chemical Integrity: Sediments Case Study

Highlights / Details

  • A 1988 study of Indian Lake in west central Ohio found that the lake had lost about 35% of the storage capacity due to sedimentation;
  • Consequently, the community led ILDC was formed and from 1990-1995, $640,000 was invested in reducing sheet erosion and overland transport of sediment through the use of agricultural management measures;
  • A map summarizes the type and locations of erosion control management measures in the Indian Lake watershed;
  • Today 80% of the agricultural land is in no-till and sedimentation has been reduced from 89,000 tons/year in 1988 to less than 12,000 tons/year currently;
  • 1988 biological sampling results indicated that none of the lake tributaries were fully attaining designated aquatic life uses; currently 78% of the watershed is in full attainment.