ET-4G3 (2/10/05 version)
Chemical Integrity: Proposed Pesticide Reduction Targets

Table 1.  2005-2010 Pesticide Reduction Targets

Target/Source/Indicator Level

Target 1: By 2010, public water supplies reduce by 20%, seasonal detections of pesticides above the MCL standards (particularly for atrazine) in public water supplies by encouraging development and implementation of Drinking Water Source Protection plans (Level 4)

Baseline (2003): From 1999 to 2003, 23 public water systems in 23 HUC 11 watersheds have had seasonal values exceeding the MCL (3 ug/l) for atrazine, simazine (4 ug/l) or metolachlor in treated water. No violations of the pesticide MCLs have occurred during this time period.

Target 2: By 2006, the Ohio EPA Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report will include data about surface drinking water sources with seasonal exceedances of pesticide MCLs (Level 1).
Baseline: Ohio surface water quality standards use the SDWA MCL for the public water supply designated use when it is published by USEPA. The standards apply within a 500 yard zone where the public water supply beneficial use has been designated and at all publicly owned lakes and water supply intakes. However, seasonal pesticide exceedance data was not included in the 2004 Integrated Report to characterize whether public water supply designated uses were being attained. Draft criteria for characterizing "impaired" and "at risk" surface water sources of drinking water are currently under development by Ohio EPA.