ET-3B (9/27/04 version)
Environmental Targets And Priorities Overview: "As Is" Land Use Situation

No NPS strategy would be complete without acknowledging land use as the key contributing factor to the NPS situation. Currently, information about Ohio land use is housed in several different state and local agencies, with no "master map" maintained. Consequently, the following information is highlighted to illustrate the "as is" status of Ohio land use, using a combination of state agency partner knowledge.


  • 1992 Land Cover Map and metadata;
  • 1994 Land Cover Map and metadata;
  • 1999 Land Cover Map of Central Ohio;
  • 1999 Land Cover Map of Northern Ohio;
  • Rapidly Urbanizing Area Map for prioritization of Phase II Stormwater implementation;
  • Map (PDF 210kb) of percent population change 1990-2003;
  • 2000-2002 Land Use and Land Cover Map, with County boundaries (PDF 1301kb) or HUC8 boundaries (PDF 1441kb) reference overlay.


Although there are likely dozens of web resources that address Ohio Land Use, the following short list was chosen because the sites highlight efforts to address rapid urbanization in Ohio.

  • Ohio Lake Erie Commission Blue Ribbon Panel on Balanced Growth. A significant conclusion of the 2000 Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan, was that land-use trends in the basin are a major factor preventing the full restoration of Lake Erie. Consequently, in 2002, the Lake Erie Commission appointed the above-referenced task force (including property owners, government officials, business leaders, conservationists, academia, agriculture, and other stakeholders). In July 2004, the task force published, "A Planning Framework for Achieving Balanced Growth in the Ohio Lake Erie Watershed," and "Best Local Land Use Practices." This initiative is expected to serve as a model for the entire state.
  • Office of Farmland Preservation the Ohio Agricultural Easement Donation Program and the Ohio Agricultural Easement Purchase Program.
  • Greater Ohio is a citizens network promoting - through research, public education and grassroots advocacy - public policy to grow the Ohio economy and improve Ohioans quality of life through intelligent land use.
  • Ohio Greenways defines the term greenways, provides maps of existing and potential greenways in Ohio, and published the 1998 Blueprint for [Greenways] Action.