ET-1A (2/1/05 version)
Hierarchy Of Indicators

Figure 1 is patterned after a model developed by USEPA and has been tailored to recognize levels of indicators that can be linked to the general progression of NPS-related actions in Ohio. Each target in the NPS Plan 2005-2010 has been tagged with one of the levels below. This has been done to more clearly identify how Ohio will evaluate the effectiveness of NPS-based water quality management planning and implementation, monitoring and assessment, reporting, and NPS Programs.

Figure 1. Hierarchy of administrative and environmental NPS indicators

Administrative LEVEL 1 Actions taken by NPS partners Funding decisions, watershed action plan, source water protection plan, HSTS plan, comprehensive nutrient management plan (CNMP), and/or AMDAT development, cost-sharing for management practice implementation, TMDL targets established, etc.
Environmental Restoration LEVEL 2 Responses by local watershed groups Plan/TMDLrestoration recommendations implemented
LEVEL 3 Stressor Indicator Changes in activity impacts to streams Pollutant loadings, habitat quality
LEVEL 4 Exposure Indicator Changes in ambient conditions Water quality, habitat (as measured by QHEI), flow, stream morphology
LEVEL 5 Exposure Indicator Changes in uptake and assimilation of pollutants  
LEVEL 6 Response Indicator Changes in ecological conditions Attainment: Photo 1 (JPG 332kb),
Photo 2 (JPG 405kb) as measured by the Index of Well Being (IWB),(PDF 1164kb) Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) (PDF 1164kb), and/or Invertebrate Community Index (ICI) (PDF 801kb).