ET-2 (6/23/05 version)
Purpose: Environmental Targets And Priorities

State of Ohio Targets: Environmental priorities and targets drive NPS implementation in Ohio, so that by 2010:

The purpose of this component of the plan:

  • Summarize relevant established international, national, and regional targets or "desired" states for NPS issues and classify using environmental indicators hierarchy;
  • Define baseline data ("as is" state) for existing targets; define baseline for proposed targets wherever possible;
  • Establish items that Ohio NPS partners will be tracking and reporting to USEPA;
  • Provide state-wide primary causes and sources of NPS-related surface water non-attainment and threats to drinking and ground waters in Ohio;
  • Identify current and potential future priority areas for action;
  • Identify gaps in current targets and make recommendations to fill them;
  • Identify statewide research and environmental data analysis needs;
  • Provide an organized, central location for the above-mentioned information that can serve as a basis for aligning limited funding and technical assistance where the most environmental benefit will occur due to NPS implementation;