ET-6 (6/24/05 version)
Future Actions: Environmental Targets And Priorities Group


During development of the NPS Plan 2005-2010, a sub-group was tasked with developing environmental targets and priorities. The need for follow-up to ensure target implementation led to the recommendation that a formal standing NPS Environmental Targets and Priorities Group be established.

The Environmental Targets and Priorities address the following goals:

The guiding principle for establishing NPS Management Plan targets is that there must be adequate base-line information available to provide a rationale for the target. However, existing environmental targets developed by other planning entities do not always include the necessary supporting information described above. Further analysis of these targetsis needed to establish a reasonable baseline.

Group Roles and Responsibilities

  • facilitate and track progress, including baseline development and updates, as applicable, toward achieving NPS environmental targets;
  • identify, refine, and propose wetland preservation and restoration targets to:
    • protect and supply ground water recharge;
    • reduce nitrogen loading to the Gulf of Mexico;
  • review and offer recommendations on suggested changes and additions to environmental targets and priorities (e.g., Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) impacts to ground water);
  • identify areas where environmental target related NPS research is needed and support research in these areas;
  • advise nonpoint source partners recommending actions to achieve targets.


It is recommended that membership for the NPS Environmental Targets and Priorities Group include, at a minimum, representatives from:

  • Ohio EPA Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance;
  • Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water: NPS and Environmental Assessment Sections;
  • ODNR Division of Mineral Resources Management: Acid Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment Program (AMDAT);
  • ODNR Division of Soil and Water Conservation: NPS Program Coordinator, Resource Management Specialist;
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture;
  • Ohio Department of Health;
  • Ohio Department of Transportation;
  • Watershed Group: Watershed Coordinator;
  • Local SWCD;
  • Local Health Department;
  • Municipal Officials: responsible for infrastructure, land use management and storm water Phase II implementation;
  • Non-governmental conservation organization;