ET-3A (9/22/04 version)
Environmental Targets And Priorities Overview: "As Is" Surface Water Quality Assessment And Attainment Situation

Ohio EPA conducts biological, chemical, and physical monitoring and assessment of Ohio's surface water to determine:

  • A current and thorough assessment of water quality conditions in watersheds that are scheduled for TMDLs in the near future (1-3 years);
  • The extent to which use designations assigned in the Ohio Water Quality Standards (WQS) are either attained or not attained;
  • If use designations assigned to a given water body are appropriate and attainable;
  • If any changes in key ambient biological, chemical, or physical indicators have taken place over time, particularly before and after the implementation of point and nonpoint source controls;

A summary of Ohio water quality conditions is published every two years as the Integrated Water Quality Report.

Maps summarizing percentage attainment are available for Watershed Assessment Units (WAUs) and Large River Assessment Units (LRAUs).

A summary of NPS causes of nonattainment is available.