ET-4B3 (6/24/05 version)
Chemical Integrity: Proposed Bacteria Reduction Targets

Table 1. 2010 Bacteria Reduction Targets

Target/Source/Indicator Level

Target 1: ODH implements mandatory minimum standards for HSTS, adopts updated HSTS rules, surveys Local Health Departments to determine program capacity and compliance with updated HSTS rules (Level 1)

Baseline: Substitute HB 231 was passed by the Ohio legislature in 2004 and gives ODH authority to implement the above-referenced target.

Target 2: Ohio EPA establishes baseline recreational use impairment conditions in Ohio equivalent to those for assessment of aquatic life use attainment (Level 1).

Baseline: 249 of Ohio WAUs and 22 of Ohio LRAUs have been monitored to assess aquatic life use attainment. In contrast 151 of Ohio WAUs and 15 of Ohio LRAUs have been monitored to assess recreational use impairment. Given the percentage of impairment documented to date, the number of impaired watersheds is expected to increase as more are assessed.

Target 3: by 2010, 40 watersheds with Ohio EPA approved HSTS Plans (Level 1).

Baseline: 29 (33%) of 88 Ohio county health departments have pursued development of an Ohio EPA approved HSTS. The 29 plans cover at least a portion of 18 watersheds. 12 of the 29 have been approved by Ohio EPA for all or a portion of the applicable county.

Target 4: by 2010, at least 3.4 M gallons/day of human and 13.5 M gallons/year of animal waste will be adequately treated and 51,403 cubic feet of manure will be adequately stored. This equates to eliminating 9,400 failing HSTS and installing 22 animal waste storage or treatment facilities per year (Level 2).

Baseline: The 2010 bacterial waste reduction target is based on estimates from 2001-2004 319 grant implementation, ODNR Pollution Abatement Cost-Share projects, local efforts to sewer areas on the Ohio EPA priority list of unsewered areas, and what is expected with consistent levels of activity through 2010.

Target 5: By 2010, 100% of Lake Erie coastline counties will have implemented an HSTS operation and inspection program. This target is proposed to insure that Ohio receives full federal approval of the Ohio Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program (CNPCP) (Level 2).

Baseline: 7 of the 8 Lake Erie coastline counties have implemented an HSTS operation and inspection program.