ET-4B2 (6/24/05 version)
Chemical Integrity: Existing Bacteria Reduction Targets

Table 1

Target Source of target Indicator Level Date to reach target
Phase II storm water permittees. required to eliminate illicit discharges USEPA/OEPA 2 2010
Baseline: Unknown. As Phase II communities submit annual reports documenting Phase II plan implementation, additional information will become available.
All Class V motor vehicle waste disposal wells and cesspools are eliminated and properly closed USEPA 2 Required by regulation by 2005
Baseline (June 2003): There are 6,843 documented actively injecting Class V wells in Ohio and Ohio EPA estimates that an additional 35,000 undocumented Class V wells may exist.
Inventory of all Class 5 injection wells in source water protection areas USEPA 1 2010
Baseline: As of September 2004, Ohio EPA has located 2,790 Class V wells within drinking water source protection areas.
Reduce statewide HSTS failure rates to 10% (100,000) ODH (PDF 426kb) 3 2010
Baseline: It is estimated that there are at least 1 million HSTS in Ohio. The current estimated failure rate is 27% (270,000).
Average of less than 10 days per year under "do not swim" advisory at regularly monitored Lake Erie public beaches LEQI 4 N/A