ET-4F2 (2/10/05 version)
Chemical Integrity: Existing Abandoned Mine Drainage Reduction Targets

Table 1.  Existing AMD Reduction Targets

Target/Source/Indicator Level
Target 1: By 2010, 30% of known acid mine impaired streams are in attainment with warmwater habitat aquatic life uses through increasing pH, decreasing metals and sediment loading, and minimizing degradation of primary headwater habitat (Level 6).
Baseline: Identified impairments are being addressed though implementation of the six approved (PDF 389kb) AMDATs. However, there is not yet enough data to document specifics such as percentages of partial and/or full attainment in project implementation areas. Therefore, proposed targets have been developed to address this uncertainty.
Target 2: Re-authorization of the Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act Abandoned Mine Land Fee, particularly the Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Trust Fund (federal) (Level 1).
Baseline: The principal funding source for addressing AMD causes of water quality impairment has been funds dispersed back to the state through the federal Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Trust Fund. The Trust Fund, established through the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, provides approximately $7.5 million to Ohio annually. The fee collection authority expired in October 2004. In November 2004 Congress passed the omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal year 2005, which includes language to extend the AML program until June 30, 2004.