Division of Surface Water, Combined Sewer Overflow Locations

Map Description

This map displays combined sewer overflow (CSO) outfalls permitted by the Ohio EPA. Select a community from the map drop-down list to display the location of outfalls within it. Click on individual map markers for details about the location. Visit the Combined Sewer Overflow Website for additional information.

Ohio EPA has not verified the location of all CSO outfalls. As a result, this map may contain some location errors. Please only use it as a guide. Additionally, some of the mapped points represent the physical location of the relief structure in the sewer collection system, rather than the point of discharge to a stream or river. In such cases the CSO outfall may map a significant distance from the location at which there is a risk of human exposure to untreated sewage.

Overflow Location Details
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Map Legend
Combined Sewer Overflow