Division of Surface Water Large River Assessment Unit Summary

Overview Information

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Length:   miles
Priority Points:  
Monitoring Scheduled:  
TMDL Scheduled:  

Aquatic Life Use Assessment

Reporting Category:  
Aquatic Life Uses:  
Sampling Years:  
Sites Monitored:  
Total Miles Monitored:  
Assessment Unit Score:  0
Miles in Full Attainment:   (%)
Miles in Partial Attainment:   (%)
Miles in Non Attainment:   (%)

Causes of Impairment:

  • None listed

Sources of Impairment:

  • None listed


Recreation Use Assessment

Reporting Category:  
Assessment Unit Score:  Not calculated

Public Drinking Water Supply Assessment

Reporting Category:  
Cause of Impairment:  
Nitrate Watch List:  
Pesticide Watch List:  

Fish Tissue Assessment

Reporting Category:  
Causes of Impairment: