Division of Surface Water Lake Erie Assessment Unit Summary

Overview Information

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Assessment Unit Name:  Lake Erie Islands Shoreline
Monitoring Scheduled:  2012
TMDL Scheduled:  2015

Aquatic Life Use Assessment

Reporting Category:  5
Sampling Years:  2000, 2002
Total Shoreline Miles:  37.2
Shoreline Miles Monitored:  12.1
Sites Monitored:  7
Sites Full Attainment:  2 (28.6%)
Sites Partial Attainment:  2 (28.6%)
Sites Non Attainment:  3 (42.8%)

Causes of Impairment:

  • nutrients
  • siltation
  • direct habitat alterations
  • exotic species

Sources of Impairment:

  • municipal point sources
  • combined sewer overflows
  • non-irrigated crop production
  • other

Comments:  No nearshore Lake Erie monitoring by the Ohio EPA has occurred since 2002.

Recreation Use Assessment

Reporting Category:  1

Public Drinking Water Supply Assessment

Reporting Category:  1
Nirtate Watch List:  No
Pesticide Watch List:  Yes

Fish Tissue Assessment

Reporting Category:  5x