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Fields Approved for Biosolids Application

This page displays the location of fields approved for biosolids application.  Select a county from the above list.  When a selection is made, the associated fields draw on the map.  Click on the individual markers for more information about each field.

Ohio EPA is providing this map of authorized Class B biosolids application sites for use by all interested parties.  The information presented within this map is accurate to the best of Ohio EPA's knowledge.  Authorization for land application of Class B biosolids does not mean biosolids have ever been applied to the field.  To learn if a field has actually received Class B biosolids, the treatment plant to which the field is authorized may be contacted.  Additional authorized fields may exist that are not included on this map.  Ohio EPA will update this map frequently to capture the most accurate information possible.

Class A and Exceptional Quality biosolids do not need Ohio EPA authorization to be land applied, therefore, information on where these biosolids have been land applied is not available through the Ohio EPA.  Treatment plants that produce Class A and Exceptional Quality biosolids may be contacted for more information regarding where their biosolids have been land applied.