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Ohio's Source Water Environmental Education Teams (SWEET) provides Ohioans with education and guidance on protecting their sources of drinking water. Each team, organized by Ohio Department of Natural Resources, consists of three to five local water resources partners such as local health departments, watershed coordinators, and public water system operators. Each SWEET is equipped with a ground water flow model that demonstrates the behavior of ground water, movement of contamination, and the relationship of ground water to surface water.

SWEETs can attend public meetings or other events to help educate the community about the importance of protecting its drinking water supply. Schools can invite SWEETs to their classrooms to demonstrate ground water flow, contaminant transport, and source water protection by using the ground water flow model. And public water systems can utilize SWEETs when developing and implementing their community's Drinking Water Source Protection Plan.

Since October 2005, SWEETs have provided outreach to more than 40,000 Ohioans at almost 400 events, such as city meetings, festivals, county fairs, and schools!

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For more information on Ohio's Source Water Environmental Education Teams, please contact one of the coordinators:

Jeanne Russell
Ohio DNR, Division of Soil and Water Conservation
(614) 265-6682

Linda Slattery
Ohio EPA, Division of Drinking and Ground Waters
(614) 644-2752


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