Ohio EPA Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Banking Program

Available Verified ERC for Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

(sorted by county: daily update from ERC database)

Ohio CountyVOC (TPY)Intended UseCompany NameContact NamePhone NumberReduction Date
Butler 167.60Trading AK Steel - Middletown Works Patrick A. Gallo 513425347604/01/2004
Butler 5.64Trading Mohawk Fine Papers Inc - Beckett Mill Michelle Carpenter 518233637806/28/2012
Butler 20.21Trading Smart Papers Holdings, LLC Andrew M. Howley 610353978503/27/2012
Clermont 5.85Trading Ford Motor Company - Environmental Quality Office John Lauch 313323127605/21/2010
Cuyahoga 613.53Trading Ford Motor Company - Environmental Quality Office John T. Lauch 313323127611/01/2010
Delaware 8.71Trading DELO Screw Products David Hill 440947221407/22/2011
Erie 0.05Trading Kyklos Bearing International LLC James Guerra 419627742702/28/2013
Fairfield 6.20Trading Sonoco Products Company Peggi Davis 843383799104/06/2009
Franklin 228.15Trading Ball Container LLC John Munsch 303499323012/31/2014
Franklin 115.05Trading Insulfoam LLC Shawn Olser 253572511110/31/2007
Franklin 23.50Trading Interstate Brands Corporation Wonder Bakery Daniel Davis 816502402305/09/2009
Hamilton 45.62Trading Quebecor World Ann Pantle O'Brien 513932106410/29/2007
Hamilton 250.62Trading The Procter & Gamble Company Jack Dison 513627456711/01/1998
Hamilton 0.05Trading The Procter & Gamble Company Jack Dison 513627456707/01/1999
Hamilton 1.14Trading The Procter & Gamble Company Jack Dison 513627456705/01/2001
Jefferson 13.66Trading QSEM Solutions, Inc. George Mesing 724709729904/01/2009
Lake 51.70Trading FirstEnergy Generation, LLC - Eastlake Power Plant Eric R. Foster 330436153004/16/2015
Lucas 44.90Trading FirstEnergy Generation, LLC - Bay Shore Power Plant Eric R Foster 330436153009/01/2012
Montgomery 8.30Trading O.H. Hutchings Generating Station Drew Parker 937331499309/30/2013
Portage 17.88Trading General Aluminum Manufacturing Company David Hill 440947221401/31/2008
Stark 0.09Trading Canton Drop Forge Brad Ahbe 330477451103/04/2015
Stark 9.27Trading Canton Water Reclamation Facilituy Wliiiam L. Bartos 330438430512/08/2014
Summit 33.40Trading Interstate Brands Corporation Akron Bakery Daniel Davis 816502402306/17/2010
Summit 166.70Trading Morgan Adhesives Company Rob Harmon 920527769505/02/2014
Trumbull 9.90Trading Niles Generating Station Keith A. Schmidt 724597800006/01/2012
Trumbull 9.80Trading Niles Generating Station Keith A. Schmidt 724597800009/30/2012
Warren 34.85Trading The Newark Group Bill Doerr 740862359408/20/2011